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3 Reasons why "Sealcoating" is a MUST!

1. Prolongs the Life of Your Parking Lot:

As soon as pavement starts to show signs of wear and tear (raveling)-- this is a sign that maintenance is needed. With preventative maintenance you can increase the life of you parking lot up to 3X. With scheduled sealcoating every few years, you can protect your investment and help postpone any capital expenditures on your parking lot in the future.

2. Drive up Appeal:

Not only does it increase the life/value of your parking lot, it also gives it a WOW when driving up. Research has shown that this has a positive impact on tenants and customers attitudes. What do you want the first thing your customer/tenant to think while driving in?? Also, it turns a worn out old parking lot into brand new look!

3. Cost Effective:

For just pennies per square foot you can expect nothing but good things from this investment!


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